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  • Released: July, 2022
  • License: CC BY 3.0
  • Credits: Images from Unsplash
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Green Associates is a modern and responsive Bootstrap 5 restaurant website template for pushing your delicious menu to new heights. Present your food business online in an engaging way that will help win over more customers. With Cuisines, you can achieve a great result even by employing it out of the box. On top of that, you can also brand and fine-tune the layout to your liking.

A few of the peculiarities of Cuisines are sticky sidebar navbar, filterable menu, carousels and testimonials. To some extent, Cuisines keeps things very simple with just the right amount of creativity. Spice things up and expand your reach with a website that will do wonders. Cuisines is here to make a difference once and for all.

Green Associates contains a lot of pages already designed and implemented. The pages are created for basic flows like registering, building a profile, adding and searching for products. Either you are building a blog or an e-commerce, the examples can help you jump start it. Here is the list with the pages available.

  • About Us
  • Add Product
  • Blog Page
  • Blog Post
  • Contact Us
  • Discover
  • Ecommerce
  • Landing Page
  • Login
  • Product Page
  • Profile Page
  • Register Page
  • Search
  • Settings
  • Error Pages (404, 422, 500)


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